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About "Brooks"

Brooks is a Boy Love Dating Simulation game. The idea for it was conceived late November, early December, by :iconvangelisgenesis: and :iconpast-chaser:, after we randomly were talking about the lack of boy-love games out there (especially the dating-sim, flash game type). We wanted to rectify this matter with our own game and, right after New Years, we started production on the game.

Brooks is aimed at a target audience (primarily females) between the ages of 13-18. Our game will in no way be explicit hardcore yaoi, but instead a fun and clean shonen-ai/boy love game. The furthest we are going in terms of sexuality is a bit of skin and some kissing :P

Brooks will be entirely within dA's regulations in terms of content; we are not aiming to create a new Meet N' F@#*k game that caters to the yaoi fanbase.

:iconvangelisgenesis: and :iconpast-chaser: are serious students in a Video Game Design and Development program. We are taking this project very seriously.

Brooks will be posted here, on the Twisted Teacup community, and hopefully Newgrounds at some point. It will not be released as a console game, or PC game, and it will be always free to play.

I hope this blog's cleared up some questions you may have had! And I also hope it's getting your curiosity piqued! We hope to have the game finished for you in a few months.

Cast of Characters

The Boss: Mr. Brooks

Mr Brooks is the owner and operator of his own, very prestigious cafe, Brooks. Through his staunch business sense, tasty refreshments, and delicious, five-star French pastries made by his own Le Cordon Bleu graduate (Henri), Mr. Brooks managed to get the attention of national media, celebrities, and eventually the world. He is a dedicated man and a demanding boss, yet those who catch his eye are treated with utmost care. He's a passionate man always on the lookout for a new venture.

The Pastry Chef: Henri

Henri is a French-Canadian chef who trained at several renown and famous culinary schools across the world. once a sous-chef for the great chef David Adjey, Henri wanted to move on to a more quieter line of work while still being able to express his culinary skills creatively. He found his way to Brooks and was hired on the spot. Henri is a very shameless, sexual person that does very little to hide his preferences. His relationships are often short and frequent, tending to suit his mood at the time.

The Musician: John

John is a struggling musician known to be arrogant, moody, and egotistical---and damn proud of it. he learned to play the saxophone at a very young age from his father, and believes himself to be as good (and better than) his idol and namesake, John Coltraine. John loves being with people that help feed his ego, which is why he's often found alone, playing jazz at the Brooks cafe.

The Clumsy Waiter: Aiden

Aiden is a young, naive, awkward teenager that's been working as a waiter at Brooks for almost a year. Being the owner's nephew, this shy boy hasn't once been written up for his gross incompetence, despite several complaints regarding spilt coffee, mixed up orders, and his general clumsiness. While this boy make be a little careless, he's also got a very big heart. Aiden's very uncomfortable around girls, and a total mess around cute boys.

The Writer: Erik Stillinger

Always introducing himself hy his full name, Erik Stillinger is a wannabe novelist that comes to the cafe Brooks to work on his now 3-year work in progress. Direct and lewd, Erik wastes no time when it comes to potential love interest, and he's been known to twist the truth about make himself seem more appealing. His would-be career was nearly ruined when Mr. Brooks spread a vicious rumour that Erik was a pedophile, after he caught the wannabe making eyes at his young nephew.

The Player Character: "Yuu"

You are a young, opportunistic high school graduate trying to save money to go to film school in Toronto. You've applied to a lot of places in your neighbourhood, but only one gave you a call back: Brooks. While it will be just a job, you hope to still make the best of the experience. Who knows, maybe you'll get noticed by a celebrity or a famous director. Or maybe . . . someone else . . .
Some people are having issues installing and playing Brooks, so here's a quick how-to.

1) Hit the "Download File" option to the right of the deviation to download the file.

2) It's a RAR file; you'll need WinRAR in order to extract it. You can get that for free from Once you have WinRAR, all you need to do is either Double Click it and hit "Extract" or right click for the same option.

3)Next locate the Installer. It's literally called Brooks Cafe Installer (or something along those lines) If it's not letting you install it, do the following:

a) Run as Administrator (Right click on the installer and hit Run as Administrator)
b) Install it to your Desktop.

4) Let the installer do it's thing, then find the Brooks Cafe exe and double click it to play.

1) Hit the "Download File" option to the right of the deviation to download the file.

2)Its a .zip file. extract it using any program that does so (macs should come with a default program to do so) extract it to your desktop

3)in the folder "Brooks Cafe" there will be a "Brooks" click and enjoy.

That's literally all it takes.

:party: :w00t: :icontarddanceplz:



its been a long 10 months of set backs, restarts, and kraft dinner, but we made it every one!

the brooks cafe dating sim is available for both PC AND MACs here on the Twisted Teacup page!

Check it out:

:iconvangelisgenesis: has posted up the PC version
:iconpast-chaser: has posted up the mac version here:

we hope you'll leave us lots of feedback and have fun playing!

we'd like to send out a very special thank you to everyone who's been waiting so patiently and put of with us constantly pushing back out release date. This game wouldn't be anything without you guys, so thank you for everything <3 it means a lot to us!

Enjoying the game? make sure to check out and join our forum:

don't be shy!

THANKYOU EVERYONE! its been a long journey, but we FINALLY made it.

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